Supported Software ...

Autodesk 3ds Max
- Vray -
- Mental Ray -
- Maxwell Render -
- finalRender -
- scanline -

Autodesk Maya
- Mental Ray -
- Vray -
- Maxwell Render -
- Software Rendering -

Maxon Cinema 4D
- Vray -
- Advanced Rendering -
- finalRender -
- Maxwell Render -
- Standard Rendering -

Autodesk Softimage
- Mental Ray -

Maxwell Render
- Standard Rendering -

Luxology modo
- Standard Rendering -

Newtek Lightwave 3D
- Standard Rendering -
- Kray -

Distributed Still Render
- 3ds Max -
- Maya (MR) -
- Cinema 4D  -
- Softimage  -
- Maxwell Render -
- modo -

Standalone Software
- Maxwell Render -
- Eon Vue -

... of our Renderfarm

Mobile Apps

The REBUS Render Farm goes where you go

Would you like to put the best Render Farm Service in the world wide web into your pocket? Just add the Farminizer App to your mobile. No matter if it's an Android or iPhone.


REBUS Render Farm for your mobile

You can wirelessly sync all your current renderjobs to your mobile and control them with ease.

Access the Jobs. Start, Stop and Pause them. See your rendered pictures wherever you are. Stop loosing money for useless results and leave the office earlier than usual!

if you have an iPhone or an Android, profit from the Farminizer Mobile App. Restart stopped jobs by buying missing Renderpoints in a few clicks.



You have to use the same REBUSfarm account you already use for the Farminizer Software. Not got a REBUS Render Farm account?

Get one here »


Render farm facts

1.000 Intel XEON E5645
6.000 physical cores
64bit OS Win 7
je 24 GB RAM

One-Click-Technology Application plugged-in

green energy

Render Farm Contact:

Mail [email protected]
ICQ 306765642
MSN [email protected]
Office time MEZ: